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Nimlok Pittsburgh Graphics Capabilities

Graphic Services & Capabilities

Creating great artwork for your brand starts with great resources.

Our Graphic Resources Center will help you to effectively submit your artwork.

If you need more assistance, please contact Nimlok Pittsburgh.

Graphic Resources Center

Use our pdf and video resources to help guide you along to a successful display.

Graphic templates with bleed requirements specific to your project are available on request – please ask!

File Set-Up Requirements

Need to know how to set up your artwork? This pdf contains guidelines for sizes, resolution, bleed and so much more.

File Set-Up Requirements pdf

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Pre-Submission Checklist

A comprehensive list that will keep you organized. File Structure, Fonts, Color Requirements and so much more.

Pre-Submission Checklist pdf

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Color Matching & Accuracy

Pantone colors, RGB vs. CMYK - it's all in the guide to help you get the most vibrant color on your display.

Color Matching & Accuracy pdf

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Tips & Tricks

Reducing files size, Photoshop techniques, Illustrator files, plus many more ways to get it right the first time!

Tips & Tricks pdf

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